Archbishop McCarthy Lighting Upgrade by FES

Archbishop McCarthy Lighting Upgrade

Southwest Ranches, FL

Energy Efficient Lighting Project Statistics
projects-archbishop Archbishop McCarthy Lighting Upgradeprojects-archbishop-before Archbishop McCarthy Lighting Upgradeprojects-archbishop-after Archbishop McCarthy Lighting Upgrade
DAYS OF OPERATION365/year365/year
ENERGY CONSUMPTION1,301,664/year602,424/year
The Gold Initiative

The Customer partnered with Future Energy Solutions through the Gold Initiative program. Designed to provide an outstanding state-of-the-art energy efficient lighting system, the Gold Initiative solution did not only improve the Customer’s light levels but significantly reduced their electricity consumption.

After a detailed analyses by our team of engineers, the Custom Lighting Solution was designed and approved by the Customer. The new system was supplied and installed by Future Energy Solutions without any upfront costs to the Customer. The business now features a brand new efficient lighting system that is fully supported by the FES Maintenance team. Other benefits of the FES funded solution are described below.

Energy Efficient Lighting Project Goals
  • Improved lighting efficiency
  • Improved lighting levels to foster student’s learning experience
  • Lower kilowatt consumption
  • Reduction in overall spend on energy and maintenance
Outcome from the Gold Initiative Partnership
  • No capital expenditure
  • Substantial reduction in energy consumption of 54%
  • Elimination of maintenance costs & lamp replacements as cost transfers to Future Energy Solutions under the Gold Initiative program
  • Increased lighting levels and improved working environment
  • Carbon emission and green benefits which flow from using less energy and being more energy-efficient
  • Creation of an energy price hedge in respect of the cost savings being fixed for the life of the contract
Energy Efficient Lighting Photo Gallery

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Project’s Positive Impact on Environment

1,076,830 lbs

Annual CO2
emission reduction

4,226 lbs

Annual SO2
emission reduction

2,075 lbs

Annual NOX
emission reduction


Acres of
Forest Added


Cars Removed
from the Road