Meet the Team: Valerie Crespin, Personal Assistant to CEO

Meet the Team: Valerie Crespin

mtt-150824-valerie-crespin Meet the Team

When Valerie joined FES in early 2013, she was faced with a hefty challenge: to be the personal assistant to CEO, Daniel Gold. As the Personal Assistant to the CEO of one of the fastest growing lighting companies in the country, Valerie synchronizes an intricate web of meetings, travel arrangements and complex itineraries for not only the CEO, but fifteen other schedules.

Valerie also liaises with the company management to ensure the team is prepared for Daniel’s ever changing schedule and meeting requirements. Unflappable under pressure and always pleasant, yet professional, Valerie is a pleasure to work with.

With a job description that requires day-to-day and after hours support, Val is a highly trusted and essential asset to FES. Keep up with the great work, Val!

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