Business Energy Options When Utilities Control Most Strings

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Business Energy Options When Utilities Control Most Strings

By Daniel Gold, CEO, Future Energy Solutions

A recent New York Times article, “Why Home Solar Panels No Longer Pay in Some States,” focused on the plight of a California homeowner who figured his solar panel purchase ultimately would pay for itself through energy savings.

Unfortunately, utility regulators drastically altered his projections when they allowed Pacific Gas & Electric to change its rate schedule. According to the Times article, the resident, who purchased $20,000 worth of solar panels just two years earlier, now faces paying much higher kWh rates for the electricity he gets from the utility in the evening, while the power company pays significantly less for the excess power it buys from solar panel owners.

It’s what might be called a “lose-lose situation.”

Despite what consumers may have read about power costing less than it did years ago, utilities are in the business of making profits for themselves and their shareholders. Ultimately, we’re going to pay more to power our homes and businesses.

So, what options are there to keep energy costs lower?

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