FPL Hike

FPL Hike

There IS a Silver Lining Behind the FPL Cloud

By Daniel Gold, CEO, Future Energy Solutions

Florida Power & Light (FPL) customers, you will be paying higher energy rates in the New Year. FPL announced this weekend that it will hike rates starting Jan. 1, whether or not the Public Service Commission accepts its $811 million settlement with the attorney representing consumer interests this Tuesday.

So, no matter what, your electricity will cost more come January.

FPL is by far Florida’s largest provider of electricity. That means higher energy costs for a significant cross-section of the state: 4.4 million residential and business customers from Bradenton, south of Tampa Bay, down the west coast and all along the Atlantic coast north to Jacksonville, over to Lake City.

Time to explore more and better energy-saving practices. These may include everything from optimizing HVAC systems or encouraging employees to work from home, to installing more energy-efficient exterior lights.

For businesses with exterior lights that are on for a good portion of each day, a hike in energy bills will take a big chunk out of profits…unless they take steps and convert to more energy-efficient lighting.

That’s where Future Energy Solutions can be a big help. We offer a unique business model that helps businesses counter higher bills at no capital cost to them, while providing better lighting and included maintenance. With FES, they create a new revenue stream that directly benefits their bottom line.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. From McDonald’s franchises and auto dealerships, to private schools, gas stations and convenience stores, businesses across Florida are proof positive our Gold Initiative program works as advertised.

There really IS a silver lining behind the FPL cloud. You just have to look for it.

If you’re ready to go on offense against rising energy costs, unique cost-cutting options are available. Check them out…your bottom line and customers will thank you for it.