Congratulations to the Big Winners of 2016!


Craig’s commitment to FES over 2016 was unparalleled as he crisscrossed the United States in the pursuit of explaining the FES program, and how it could have benefited hundreds of businesses around the United States. From Oregon to Fort Lauderdale, hardly a state in the country didn’t see his face at some time.

In between, running across the country talking about FES, Craig was instrumental in the training and impacting the lives of the affiliates below him, meaning that at the end of this year, Future Energy Solutions is excited to enter next year with five Senior Affiliates that came out of Craig’s teachings.

We look forward to seeing what more he can do in 2017.


Theo Pampoukas came into FES like a whirlwind, with the promise that, not only was he a larger than life character, but that he could deliver the sales to match.

Though the skepticism was great in his earliest days and months, Theo has proven over the last 18 months to not just be a great salesman, but to actually be the very best salesman. His efforts to propel FES to the market leader that we are have been noted throughout all the corridors and all the desks of all the staff at FES. You can always find Theo traveling through the middle of the night in the pursuit of a single Agreement, never ever resting, always in the quest to making us better.

Theo is clearly the top salesman at FES and that’s the good news. The question in 2017 is will he have the skills to maintain his crown for next year?


John Evans demonstrated in 2016 that he was not only instrumental in the creation of Future Energy Solutions and every single department that we have inside Prospect Park, but he was also able to take his talents back to Indiana and demonstrate how versatile he was in the creation of 36 Customers in the state in a short period of time.

John’s dedication to Future Energy Solutions has been unparalleled and we are thrilled over his successes this year and look forward, in 2017, to see how he grows not only his territory in Indiana, but also how well he does as he moves across entire Ohio.


Marco Mendez has moved from the bench and become one of our elite auditors in a remarkably short space of time. He has worked with all departments to create and refine process and paperwork.

Sacrificing time with his family to better FES, Marco has trained and coached multiple members of the company and has completed dozens of installations against the odds.

He’s an absolute powerhouse within FES and can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for him.


Nino came to Future Energy Solutions as a shy, young girl, with the potential to do some engineering, and in a short space of time has gone from strength to strength, to now heading up the department with four people below her. Nino’s dedication to her work is exemplified by her ability to always look for what needs to be done and what else needs to be done rather than what’s just on the pages in front of her.

There are not enough hours in a day for Nino. She’s constantly one of the first people in in the mornings, and certainly one of the last to leave at night.

Her fantastic personality and her always willing to help her fellow coworkers attitude has propelled her to the front of everybody in the company as a leader at FES, and we look forward in 2017 to watching her grow and her department grow.


Gustavo became only the second man to win the Employee of the Quarter Award after showing, over the last 90 days, an outstanding ability to, not only perform under stressful scenarios to get Agreements and custom Lighting Solutions created for our affiliates, but also a fantastic personality that’s made him extremely popular amongst all his fellow coworkers and a tremendous member of the FES Team.