Dark Days Ahead


Dark Days Ahead

By Daniel Gold, CEO, Future Energy Solutions

No, this isn’t a prediction of the coming apocalypse, or even a political commentary. It’s more of a comment on reality.

Face it … daylight savings time has ended and it’s getting darker earlier. In many of our northern states, darkness is descending as early as 4:30 p.m. That means, for the next few months, businesses will be turning on exterior lights earlier and leaving them on longer to improve security, safety and aesthetics.

But, why do we switch to daylight saving time at all? It wasn’t always this way. First we were told it helped farmers…but nobody asked them. Fact is, farmers have been opposed to the idea virtually from the start. Now lawmakers say it helps conserve energy – a noble cause…if it were true.

The truth be told, businesses quickly learned consumers spend more when it’s light later – i.e., when they get off work. So, more than likely, daylight savings is a concession to business interests. But, this time of year, we still fall back into darkness for four months.

During this “dark time,” the need for light means using more electricity, which, in turn, equals higher operating costs. Businesses unable to raises prices on a seasonal basis can expect a bigger bite out of their bottom line…unless they happen to be Future Energy Solutions customers.

FES customers have already gone through an energy audit and had new, energy-efficient lighting systems installed that actually save them money. Better yet, they are getting no-cost maintenance and replacement of the new lights. And, best of all, they’re getting all this at NO upfront cost.

That’s the benefit of our Gold Initiative program – better lighting, no maintenance worries, no upfront costs, and energy savings that create a brand new revenue source for businesses.

These longer days increase your energy consumption, but Daylight Savings or not, your power company bill won’t go away unless you’re proactive and sign up for the Gold Initiative. Stop paying the power company and start paying yourself!