Future Energy Solutions Provides Light After Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Lighting Repairs

Future Energy Solutions Provides Light After Hurricane Irma

Helps Businesses Save Money for Rebuilding Instead of Re-lighting

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – (September 14, 2017) – There’s never been an instance of two hurricanes simultaneously having such a lasting impact on the United States. Millions were left without power and many businesses with damaged exterior lighting remain in the dark.

Fort Lauderdale-based Future Energy Solutions’ (“FES”) Gold Initiative Program offers energy-efficient lighting solutions, including maintenance of all lights for the life of the agreement, at no capital cost to businesses. It gives businesses an opportunity to save money on their lighting so they can use cash for other necessary repairs and improvements following the storms.

“Harvey and Irma battered many communities, leaving residents and businesses to struggle in the aftermath,” says Future Energy Solutions Chief Executive Officer Daniel Gold. “FES is ready to invest in these communities. We want everyone in them to know there’s a way to brighten their future without spending money that’s needed elsewhere in the rebuilding process.”

Future Energy Solutions provides Lighting as a Service, offering both Induction and LED lights for businesses and provides maintenance at no upfront capital cost to customers. Both parties simply share the resultant energy savings – a win-win for businesses trying to rebuild after a hurricane.

FES has expert teams in multiple regions and is able to quickly provide lighting installations to businesses in need from Florida to Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas and Texas.

Better, brighter energy-efficient commercial lighting with no upfront expenditure. The same money-saving solutions are available to those that are seeking to enhance their business and reduce cost.

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About Future Energy Solutions

Future Energy Solutions (FES) is an award winning privately owned business that provides energy efficient infrastructure upgrades to businesses and other organizations under a unique plan at no capital cost to the customer. FES has experienced extraordinary growth due to wide acceptance of its Gold Initiative Program. The Program is based on providing turnkey energy efficient lighting infrastructure from design, supply, installation and funding. FES also assumes all maintenance responsibilities for customers who partner with the Company throughout the term of the Program.

The Company specializes in targeting customers currently operating inefficient high intensity discharge (“HID”), high pressure sodium (“HPS”) and fluorescent lighting systems in which lighting forms an essential part of the businesses’ operations and cost base. For more information, visit www.feslighting.com.