Give A Day, Get A Day

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Give A Day, Get A Day

By Future Energy Solutions CEO Daniel Gold

Volunteering and giving back to the community are important. First and foremost, they help people in need… and that benefits us all. But the benefits of community service extend much deeper than that.

Yes, companies that perform community service raise their profile and establish themselves as good corporate partners – both of which can be good for business. But, perhaps more important, performing volunteer community service can help reduce stress, protecting both mental and physical health, establish friendships, and teach compassion and understanding, among other benefits.

At Future Energy Solutions, we believe in “community,” and that means extending a helping hand to others to help make our community better… stronger. We also recognize the positive benefits community service brings to those who participate in it… which is why we encourage our staff and employees to become active volunteers in a cause that’s important to them.

This year, we even launched a “Give A Day, Get A Day” program to build enthusiasm among our employees for volunteering. When they give a day as a charitable volunteer during the year, they get paid for that day as if they were on the job.

Like the lighting services we provide to our customers – it’s a win-win situation. Our staff members get out into the community to do things that improve life for others. At the same time, we get re-charged employees who bring that energy into the workplace… motivating themselves, and those around them.

Good for the community – good for our business.

Face it, virtually every community needs some help… somewhere. Volunteering is rewarding because you’re making yourself, your neighbors, your community better. It helps you do your best. And doing your best is what success is all about.

We hope others will follow the lead of “Give A Day, Get A Day” by getting involved in the community. Those you help will be thankful… and the community will thank you.

See you on the volunteer line!

Give a Day, Get a Day