Streamlined Business? FES Has an App for That!

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Streamlined Business? FES Has an App for That!

By Future Energy Solutions CEO Daniel Gold

The most successful businesses are those that streamline their procedures. When we were looking for the answer to enhancing our process at Future Energy Solutions, we found it in Atria.

What’s Atria? Atria is a web-based business application created by and for FES to help manage our company. It’s not a public app, but one that’s specific to our Company’s internal operations… and one that has dramatically changed the way we do business!

It used to be that for each project we undertook, a work plan and process had to be physically compiled on paper and then sent to various departments for review, additions and approval; from sales to the project administrator, then engineering and contract administration, etc. With Atria, everything now is logged electronically. What used to be a cumbersome and timely process has been streamlined so everyone can still weigh in but do so much more efficiently and in a timely manner.

When a customer is looking to upgrade lighting to cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions, the quicker those savings can be translated into bottom line operations the better. With Atria, we provide an initial audit of expected energy savings almost immediately so customers can see what our lighting solutions will save them.

Atria helps move deadlines up so lighting solutions are installed quicker and businesses can begin enjoying savings sooner. That’s a win-win – for our customers and for the energy efficiencies that benefit the environment.

The key to business success is to fully utilize every tool that makes you better. That includes technology. FES already has a great story to tell, because no one else is doing what we do through our Gold Initiative Program. Now, with Atria driving the Gold Initiative, the unique and exceptional jobs we do can be accomplished quicker and more efficiently.

Just another reason why Future Energy Solutions should be every business’s “go-to” solution for energy-efficient lighting. Let us show you what we can do for your business!

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