Why Training is Important

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Why Training is Important

By Future Energy Solutions CEO Daniel Gold

Thorough training is essential to the success and growth of any business. Why? Strong training helps companies provide quality, cost-effective services and products. Without it, they’d just be ordinary and their customer likely dissatisfied.

That’s certainly not the way successful companies do business. However, through a solid training program, they’re able to create supportive environments where everyone feels part of a team, their skills are strengthened, and they’re able to achieve a higher level of success.

Now, that IS the way to do business.

Some may ask, “How about virtual training? Can we do that?” Virtual training is great as a supplement or refresher; however, I’ve always felt nothing is as effective as in-person, hands-on training. Not only is it important to meet face-to-face with your team, hands-on training gives them a better feel for how the job needs to be done. And when jobs are done right, companies are much more likely to be successful. Which is what we all want, right?

At Future Energy Solutions (FES), we believe face-to-face training provides the best results. Which is why we host an annual Electrical Contractor Symposium for our partners, enabling them to learn the ins-and-outs of our business so they can be more productive partners on the job.

In addition to learning firsthand FES’s best practices for installation and maintenance, contractors can immerse themselves in experientially learning from each of our departments. Plus, they learn, not just from us, but from leading affiliates and one-on-one networking with colleagues.

The training not only helps contractors, it benefits us and our customers. Stronger contractor affiliates equal better results – another of those “win-win” situations that make good companies great ones.

Bottom line: Training is important. It’s why FES will be hosting its 3rd annual Electrical Contractor Symposium on May 17th & 18th. I encourage all our partners to register (http://www.feslighting.com/the-fes-electrical-contractor-symposium/) and attend this year’s presentation.

And look for a future blog on highlights from the symposium.