Daniel Gold


Chief Executive Officer (U.S.A.)

Daniel Gold

Daniel Gold founded Future Energy Solutions USA (FES) in 2009, a company specializing in energy- efficient lighting. He became its Chief Executive Officer in 2012 when he and his partners created the Company’s unique Gold Initiative Program. Since that time, Daniel has taken FES from a start-up to one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies in the entire United States. FES is now a global, award-winning business, that undertakes lighting projects in America, Europe, and Australia.

FES offers potential clients, custom energy-efficient lighting upgrades, at zero capital cost. Under the program, FES replaces the Customer’s lighting with its own energy-efficient technology. FES covers all maintenance and future replacement costs, for a fifteen-year period.

Future Energy Solutions currently operates in over 40 states in America and has over 1,500 Customer’s sites under management. Thus far, FES has created savings for businesses in America in excess of $100,000,000.

Prior to FES, Daniel had created several successful businesses. In 2007, Daniel and his partners sold their previous company, ISA, which at the time was the 62nd largest privately-owned business in the United Kingdom, to a Venture Capital Fund.

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