Lighting Up Casual Dining’s Bottom Line

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Lighting Up Casual Dining’s Bottom Line

By Future Energy Solutions CEO Daniel Gold

Many fast food eateries – quick-service restaurants, in industry parlance – are revamping their spaces, both inside and out, as a product of the times. While their kitchens are key to their ultimate success, many chains have begun looking at a variety of influences…including exterior lighting…as a way to manage energy costs, attract consumers and increase revenue.

Everyone who owns or runs a restaurant wants the business to look its best, whether in daylight, or at night. After all, the outside of a restaurant is the first thing prospective Customers see. Is your entrance clearly visible? Is the parking lot well-lit? Or, are you turning Customers off with dark, dingy outside lighting?

Not only does an FES Gold Initiative lighting upgrade make restaurants stand out, it will lower energy bills and help maintain Customer and employee safety. And the program involves no up-front, out-of-pocket cost for the new lights or maintaining them.

But, don’t just take my word for it; check out what WAC Enterprises discovered when the company selected our Gold Initiative Program to replace exterior lighting at its 17 Alabama and Tennessee Krystal Hamburger restaurants.

“FES has allowed us to better illuminate our businesses, making us stand out to our consumers,” says John Jones, partner at WAC Enterprises. “Additionally, it cut our power bill significantly, which enabled us to allocate revenue to different areas of the business.”

A win-win-win-win for restaurants’ bottom line.

Want to learn more about how the FES Gold Initiative Program can help translate your energy savings into revenue? Visit for details, or call FES at (954) 714-0300. It’ll be worth your while.