Lighting the Way with Winner Hospitality

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Lighting the Way with Winner Hospitality

By Future Energy Solutions CEO Daniel Gold

Welcome to our first in a series of FES Lighting the Way blogs, which feature Future Energy Solutions (FES) clients. Today, we are speaking with Winner Global LLC Vice President & Secretary Jack Campbell about the corporation’s hospitality branch, Winner Hospitality. Exterior lighting is an important factor in how hotels and motels are perceived, yet exterior lights often are overlooked because of their expense.


Q – What does Future Energy Solutions do for Winner Hospitality?


Jack – FES installed and maintains the exterior parking lot lighting for two of our hotels in Sharon, PA:  a Hampton Inn & Suites and a Park Inn by Radisson.


Q – Why FES?


Jack – I was intrigued by the concept of using energy savings to make capital improvements and funding over time, rather than having to come up with funding first in order to make savings. The FES model does exactly that.


Q – Why did you need upgraded lighting for the hotels?


Jack – Even though the hotels are visible from two major freeways, they often were difficult to find – especially at night. Now, both hotels are brightly lit, easier to locate…and they look nicer, too. They serve as beacons of light for the community and the parking lots now are safer for hotel guests.


Q – What financial benefits did you receive from FES?


Jack – We knew LEDs and induction lighting were expensive investments for hotels, so we were looking for new lighting at a  reasonable cost. We got that from Future Energy Solutions’ Gold Initiative Program. Not only did our hotels get new lighting installed, FES is taking care of the maintenance as well – all at no upfront capital cost. It tipped the scale to us utilizing FES.


Q – How is the new lighting working out?


Jack – Both properties are lit extremely well. Guests and employees alike enjoy the extra security our new lights provide after it gets dark outside.


Our Gold Initiative Program enables any business to enjoy the benefits and energy savings that new, better lighting can provide without spending any upfront capital expenses. Call 954-714-0300, or visit to learn how Future Energy Solutions can Light the Way to a stronger bottom line for you, too!