An Inspiring Morning at the American Dreamer Awards

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An Inspiring Morning at the American Dreamer Awards

By Future Energy Solutions CEO Daniel Gold

Many entrepreneurs follow the same paths that others take in their quest for success. But the biggest opportunities aren’t obvious. Successful entrepreneurs embrace uncertainty and explore the unknown. Aspiring entrepreneurs generally need to focus less on what they can see and more on what they can’t, including hidden opportunities and obstacles.

That bold approach to the unseen was on display last month at Nova Southeastern, where I was honored to share the spotlight with an inspiring group of entrepreneurs at an awards ceremony conducted by Hispanic Unity of Florida, a non-profit organization that assists immigrants.

For example, Carolyn Aronson, a keynote speaker at the event, started with a single hair care product, built a cult following among professional salons, and now runs It’s a 10 Haircare, a global company that supplies major retail chains.

Hearing her story and those of other successful entrepreneurs was not only inspiring but also instructive. They say history repeats itself, and the Hispanic Unity of Florida event was a golden opportunity to sit with successful people, hear about and learn from their mistakes – that is, not repeat them.

I was honored to be one of seven entrepreneurs who received the American Dreamer Award from Hispanic Unity of Florida in recognition of steadfast success, business acumen, and community service. All seven of us became successful because we learned less from success than failure.

At Future Energy Solutions, we certainly took a few wrong turns on the way to turn our company into the world’s leading provider of lighting as a service. After all, embracing uncertainty and exploring the unknown inevitably involves some trial and error.

With the right response, however, mistakes clearly can serve not just as bad memories but as milestones on a path to success in both our personal and professional lives.

That was my enduring takeaway from Hispanic Unity of Florida’s 7th Economic Summit and American Dreamer Awards ceremony at Nova Southeastern. Rather than an anchor to the past, our mistakes should be a guide to the future, enabling us to overcome unforeseen obstacles that can prevent us from achieving our goals.