Why Timers Could Cost You


The experts of Future Energy Solutions talk with hundreds of business owners across the United States every week as we evaluate if their business site qualifies for our Lighting as a Service capital investment in their business.  Through this service, FES Lighting uses our capital to upgrade your old-technology lighting to LEDs.  As a result, we deliver energy and maintenance savings directly to your bottom line.  We receive an ROI from a portion of the energy savings.

As we work with businesses, we find that some have tried to save on their electric bills by installing timers and in some cases dimmers.  The idea is to reduce the time the lights are on or, in the case of dimmers, reduce the amount of energy usage by reducing the brightness of the lights.

In both cases, energy savings can be realized.  However, the use of these technologies could cost your business way more than you are saving.

Let’s take a closer look at why.  Ask yourself – why do you have a parking lot to begin with? The simple reason: Safety and Security.  Ask any risk management professional – poor lighting in a parking lot is asking for a big-dollar verdict in an injury lawsuit. 

A business owner might think no-one has a reason to be in my parking lot between 11 PM and 5 AM.  So, I’m going to install a timer and turn off my parking lot lights between those times.  Here’s the thing, unless there is a barrier (i.e. locked security gate) all-around your business’ parking lot and common areas, your business may be liable if someone walks through your parking lot and injures themselves due to poor lighting.

So, before you decide to reduce your lighting to save money – remember why the lights are there to begin with:  Safety and Security.  Reducing lighting reduces safety and reduces security.  Can you really afford that?

Contact Future Energy Solutions for a free site evaluation.  We can help you save money without sacrificing Safety and Security.