What is the Future Energy Solutions’ Gold Initiative Program?


You’re considering upgrading your business’ external and internal lighting to LEDs.  It doesn’t matter why – could be out of concern for the environment or perhaps you heard you can save a lot of money on your monthly electric bill.  Perhaps you’ve had complaints from your staff about poor lighting quality or your accountant about lighting maintenance costs.  The reason doesn’t matter – you’re ready to make the change.

So, you assign one of your staff members to lead the charge and get some estimates and you quickly learn that what you’re considering is a significant capital investment.  Now you’re concerned that your business’ capital is going to be tied up in lighting fixtures.  How is that going to help you grow your business?  In short – it won’t. 

There is a better way; Utilizing Future Energy Solutions’ Gold Initiative Program.  Through our Gold Initiative Program, you can upgrade you entire lighting system without having to spend a single cent of your capital expenditure money – not one single cent.  Likewise, we don’t put a lien on your business/property.  We assume all the risk of upgrading your lighting system.

If your site qualifies, FES will deliver the LED lighting fixtures we manufacture for free, we will install them for free and we will maintain them for free for the duration of the program.  Future Energy Solutions will make a capital investment in your business’ and will receive a return on our investment by sharing in the energy savings achieved by changing from old technology lighting to new LED technology lights.  Our portion of the energy savings is fixed from day-one; so as energy costs increase your business will retain 100% of the increased cost savings.

What does it take to qualify?  Since FES is taking on all the costs/risk and is only paid through a fixed portion of the energy savings, we must make sure that there are enough energy savings available to cover our ROI.  To determine that, we will perform a lighting audit of your facility. 

A lighting audit is really a straightforward process; We count your lights, record the wattage of the light bulbs and ballasts, we document how you use your lights and we determine how much you are paying per kilowatt hour.  From that, we can determine how much of your monthly electric bill is dedicated to your lights.

Next, we design a replacement LED lighting system, and we do the same evaluation to determine how much you will be paying to power your new lighting system. 

Old System Electric Costs – New System Electric Costs = Monthly Energy Savings

IF there is enough “meat on the bone” for us to receive an ROI on our investment and for you to add real money back into your monthly budget – then your site qualifies.  While we only get paid from the energy savings, our audit is an invaluable tool to help understand ALL the costs over the next 15 years for your three possible options:  maintain your current system, purchase a replacement system, utilize the FES Gold Initiative Program.

It’s “Open book mathematics”.  We perform the audit, then we sit down and walk you through the calculations step, by step so you can be confident in your decision to work through Future Energy Solutions to upgrade your lighting system.

Contact us today to schedule a free, no obligation site audit.