LEDs – One of the Fastest Technology Shifts in History


History – a constant march forward, marked with inventions that significantly altered the trajectory of mankind.  From the wheel to the horseless carriage, to rockets that carried men to the moon and back safely – technology changes have led the way of human progress.

Few technology advancements in history have brought about faster technology shifts than the LED lightbulb.  According to Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research, the LED lights will cut lighting electricity consumption by 90% over incandescent lightbulbs and 50% for fluorescent lighting.

Given these savings, it is easy to understand how a business might rush to “join the party” by buying and installing LED commercial lighting fixtures.  However, that would be a mistake. Here’s the problem, while the energy savings are real – there are other factors a business’ decision-makers need to know. If these factors are not taken into consideration, they can “use up” all the dollars saved in energy costs – and more.

Here’s the issue – commercial LED lighting fixtures have built-in obsolescence.  You can determine the timeline of this built-in obsolescence by carefully looking at the fixture’s warranty.  These warranties are based on hours of use.  For example, you may see a warranty that boldly states 10 years – but looking at the fine print we see that this 10 year warranty is based on 4 hours of use a day.  When you calculate the years based on usual business usage, the warranty is 5 years.

Warranties are there to protect both the consumer and the lighting fixture manufacturer.  They protect the consumer against the premature failure of the lighting fixture.  To know when a fixture failure is premature – one must know when the fixtures are expected to fail.  The manufacturer needs to know that so they are protected from the cost of replacing fixtures that fail when they are expected to fail.  That’s how the warranty duration is calculated. When you run the numbers, it becomes clear that the ROI is longer than the lifecycle of the LED commercial lighting fixtures.

Future Energy Solutions, an LED commercial lighting fixture manufacturer, will help your business by performing a complete lighting audit, including the calculation of the complete cost of each of your three possible options; Doing Nothing, Purchasing Your Own Lights, or utilizing Future Energy Solutions Gold Initiative Program.  This analysis will be thorough and your business will have all of the facts necessary to make a decision that will really save your Company money.

Contact us today to arrange your free, no-obligation lighting audit of your business site and to learn how the Gold Initiative Program will help you upgrade your existing old technology light with zero capital cost to your business and zero LED lighting maintenance costs for the duration of the program. Join the technology revolution and realize real savings without the risk of losing those savings to increased maintenance costs due to fixtures failing before you realize your Return on Investment.