Green Energy Sources: The Key to Keeping Your Business Profitable

Green Energy is the New Green Businesses are turning to green energy sources to save money and free-up resources to invest in growth. As important as the financial benefits of…

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Commercial LED Lighting: Boosting the Bottom Line for Retail Businesses

Retail business owners face a silent bandit that’s stealing their profits – inefficient commercial lights. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that retail buildings consume $20 billion in energy each…

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Why are my replacement LED Fixtures brighter than the others in my parking lot?

About 2 years ago, your business decided to take advantage of your power company’s rebate offer and you replaced all your parking lot lights from High-Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide…

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LEDs – One of the Fastest Technology Shifts in History

History – a constant march forward, marked with inventions that significantly altered the trajectory of mankind.  From the wheel to the horseless carriage, to rockets that carried men to the…

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