Meet the Team: Melissa Berry, Personal Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer

Meet the Team: Melissa Berry Melissa has worked for Simon Conway, our Chief Operating Officer, as his personal assistant for over 4 years and deals with anything from diary management and travel arrangements, to personal errands and much more. She synchronizes an intricate web of meetings, travel arrangements and complex itineraries whilst liaising with the company[…]

Meet the Team: Becky Mason, Regional Vice President – Northwest Florida, AL, AR, LA & MS

Meet the Team: Becky Mason When Becky started with our company a year ago, she successfully completed the FES Lighting Academy course, which prepared her for her budding career at Future Energy Solutions. Her experience and background in personal relations, marketing and sales, made her a promising candidate for developing our North Florida market, and in[…]

Meet the Team: Lydia Greenstein, Group Commercial Director

Meet the Team: Lydia Greenstein As FES’s Group Commercial Director, Lydia provides the Company with a strategic outlook on performance, procedures and growth. With a strong financial and commercial background, Lydia’s role is key in Future Energy Solutions’expansion and consolidation phases. Prior to FES, Lydia was Chief Financial Officer at TUI Lifestyle – a high[…]