Plazas & Shopping Centers Photo Gallery

Plazas & Shopping Center Photo Gallery

Sunny Isles, FL

Key Issues Resolved
  • Inefficient Lighting
  • Color Depreciation
  • Lack of Maintenance and Lamp Failure

About the Gold Initiative

The Gold Initiative Program is a unique offer brought to you by Future Energy Solutions (“FES”), one of the fastest growing lighting companies in the country. Invented by Daniel Gold and developed by an entire team of top-notch professionals from a multitude of backgrounds, the Gold Initiative is a unique proposition unmatched by any company.

Designed to provide an outstanding state-of-the-art energy efficient lighting system, the FES funded solution will not only improve your light levels but will significantly reduce your electricity consumption. These and other benefits are available at no upfront cost to business owners that qualify.


Images may depict third parties by name, trademark, product or otherwise. Such depiction is not intended to, nor should be construed to suggest any endorsement by such third party of FES, its products or programs. Images shown are intended only to demonstrate the performance of FES products at completed project sites.

August 10, 2016