Lighting as a Service

Future Energy Solutions Offers Lighting as a Service

The Overview

Future Energy Solutions mission is to transform how people use energy – making it easy and affordable by utilizing modern technologies, science, mathematics and common sense.

Future Energy Solutions (“FES”) is an innovative global green technology company that designs, manufactures, installs and maintains energy-efficient lighting solutions for the commercial and industrial lighting market. The Company specializes in Customers who are currently operating inefficient high intensity discharge (“HID”), high pressure sodium (“HPS”) and fluorescent lighting systems in which lighting forms an essential part of the businesses’ operations and cost base.

The Company’s primary products utilize green technologies that provide superior lighting quality and significant cost savings. FES will tailor a lighting solution based on the Customer’s environment and objectives. The Company offers induction and LED lighting which has a life span of 15 to 20 years. Product life spans will vary depending on the burning hours of the lights and the operating environment in which the products are used.

All products and fixtures used by FES are accredited, certified and fully compliant in the areas in which the Customer’s business operates. The products are guaranteed by FES, parts and labor, for the life of the Gold Initiative agreement.

FES, having undertaken lighting installations with major companies, has a proven track record in providing Customers with energy efficient lighting solutions using Induction and LED lighting. FES’ goal is to achieve significant energy cost reductions through the installation of energy-efficient lighting. The Company is able to provide fixtures, installation and maintenance at zero capital cost to the Customer for the lifetime of the agreement. In exchange for the new system the Customer enters into an “Energy Savings Agreement” and payment of a set monthly amount, fixed for entire length of the agreement. The terms of this agreement will vary depending on key factors such as the technology of choice, existing kilowatt rate, the Agreement term and the burning hours.

The FES team and its partners have substantial design and manufacturing capabilities, which allow the Company to source the “best-in-class” products. These capabilities enable FES to provide Customers tailored, flexible and competitive solutions to meet the demands of each project.

The Offices

Future Energy Solutions is headquartered in three strategic locations. The FES US headquarters is located in South Florida and serves the North and Latin America markets. The FES European headquarter is located in London and serves the European and East Asia markets. The Australia headquarters is located in Sydney and serves the Australasia market.

FES Offices: us-headquarters
United States Headquarters
Prospect Park
5400 NW 35th Avenue,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
+1 954 714 0300
FES Offices: european-headquarters
European Headquarters
10 Gloucester Place
Portman Square,
London, W1U 8EZ
+44 207 908 3929


What do we do?

  • FES is a privately-owned business split into separate geographical groups focusing on funding scaled re-lamping solutions throughout North America, Europe and Australia
  • FES works with major asset owners and independent operators

Lighting as a Service

  • Deliver an accurate and robust business case for lighting upgrades using the Gold Initiative Program by offering energy efficient lighting as a service
  • Provide a turnkey solution from design, procurement and project management through delivery, funding and maintenance throughout the contract term
  • Focus on Customers that without a funded solution would not consider an energy-efficient lighting upgrade
  • Utilize accredited and certified products suitable for each Customer and installation location
  • Provide long term solutions with Customer payments fixed at the outset for the term of the Agreement

What is our Focus?

  • Businesses with inefficient Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium industrial lighting
  • Usage between 260-365 days a year
  • Lights burning at a minimum from dusk to dawn, up to 24 hours per day
  • Lighting is core to business operations

What is our Scale?

  • FES is backed by Matterhorn Capital, a global property company with over $3.5bn in successful transactions over the past decade.
  • FES has the ability to deliver any scale of lighting project across local and international markets.