TUI Lifestyle Warehouse

Interior view of a warehouse with neatly stacked boxes on paletts under bright LED lights.

TUI Lifestyle is a luxury showroom offering a wide selection of upscale furniture & home decor, with a full onsite storage Warehouse to fulfill purchase orders. The TUI Lifestyle Warehouse faced all the typical challenges when it came to their lighting: exorbitant energy costs, the hassles of maintenance and repair, and a high-pitched buzz that emanated from the lights. The team at TUI found a solution to these problems in FES' Lighting-as-a-Service offering.

  • Improve lighting efficiency
  • Reduce noise
  • Lower kilowatt consumption
  • Reduction in overall spend on energy and maintenance



fixtures replaced


less energy consumption


annual savings


kWh annual savings

Environmental Impact

  • 442,500 CO2 reduction
  • 1,700 SO2 reduction
  • 850 NOX reduction

That's the equivalent of planting 55 acres of trees or removing 39 cars from the road