LED Lighting Warehouse & Industrial Spaces

It’s critical that warehouses provide safe working spaces for employees. Because most warehouses feature metal halide high bays that depreciate quickly and produce a high-pitched buzz, it can be challenging to provide well-lit and productive work environments, not to mention maintaining OSHA’s lighting safety requirements.

The Cost of Lighting a Warehouse

The lighting systems that most warehouses use today consume 3 times the amount of energy as new green lighting technologies and burn out 10 times as fast. These costs quickly add up

The average warehouse uses:

  • 129 lights
  • 11 hours a day
  • 311 days a year
  • At an average cost of $0.14 per kWh

Safe, Energy-Efficient LED Lighting

FES' energy-efficient lighting solutions are OSHA-compliant and greatly improve the work environment of warehouses, industrial buildings and logistics center. LED lighting upgrades result in a warehouse work environment that is safe, inviting, productive, and comfortable.

Equally important are the savings. Warehouse owners who choose FES see an average of:

  • $2,700 yearly maintenance savings
  • $7,638 yearly energy cost savings
  • $10,338 total yearly savings
  • $155,070 total savings by partnering with FES

In the Words of Our Customers

"We are very happy. Our stores are brightly lit, which to me is a safety issue. Our customers feel safer at our sites. We’ve also saved a lot of money on electric bills!"

Sergio Delmico
CEO of MNV Energy LLC

Warehouse & Industrial Spaces

TUI Lifestyle Warehouse partnered with FES to reduce their energy consumption by 66%.

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