LED Lighting for Automotive Businesses

Automotive dealers know that well-lit parking lots and show floors entice visitors to buy. This means that dealerships typically run their lights 24-hours a day. They also commonly install metal halide or high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures that waste energy, require higher maintenance costs, and lose brightness quickly.

Energy Costs for Car Dealerships

The average dealership runs:

  • 115 lights
  • For 11 hours a day
  • 347 days a year
  • At an average cost of $0.12 per kWh

Lighting Solutions Designed with Dealerships in Mind

FES' lighting solutions will brighten your dealership beautifully while saving you time and money. The energy and maintenance savings alone will enable you to invest in areas including hiring more employees and increasing inventory.

Dealerships that upgrade to LED lighting see an average of:

  • 105,220 kWh yearly energy savings
  • $3,251 yearly maintenance savings
  • $11,410 yearly energy cost savings
  • $14,661 total yearly savings
  • $219,920 total savings by partnering with FES

In the Words of Our Customers

"We are very happy. Our stores are brightly lit, which to me is a safety issue. Our customers feel safer at our sites. We’ve also saved a lot of money on electric bills!"

Sergio Delmico
CEO of MNV Energy LLC

Automotive Dealerships

Ford Lincoln Dealership reduced their energy consumption by 64% thanks to a no-cost LED lighting upgrade from FES.

Read their story

From nationwide automotive dealerships to small, privately owned lots and garages, FES partners with businesses of all sizes to upgrade their lighting systems at no upfront cost, reduce electricity bills by as much as 65% and provide free maintenance.