Optimize cost savings with smart city lighting

Upgrade your city's lighting infrastructure with cutting-edge LED technology to enhance illumination and optimize savings. Many municipal street lights and building fixtures still run off outdated lighting systems, resulting in excessive energy consumption and shorter lifespans compared to LEDs.

Let's consider some average lighting figures:

148 lights
For 11 hours a day
Asset 12@2x
315 days a year
Asset 13@2x
At an average cost of $0.13 per kWh

Not only that, but when you factor in maintenance expenses & specialized equipment, the cost will keep jumping up!

By embracing new smart street lighting systems, your municipality can unlock significant cost reductions while enjoying the benefits of enhanced lighting efficiency.

Massive cost savings with smart city lighting solutions

With our revolutionary lighting-as-a-service solution, FES has forged valuable partnerships with smart lighting projects across various urban areas. We specialize in supplying and installing cutting-edge LED lighting solutions for smart cities, resulting in significant annual savings. 

Here are typical savings seen by some of our partners:

51,748 kWh yearly energy savings

$1,604 yearly maintenance savings

$6,507 yearly energy cost savings

$8,111 total yearly savings

$121,658 total savings by partnering with FES

Unlocking the potential of LED technology

Beyond finances, every single smart city light brings a multitude of advantages:

  • Energy-efficient illumination, enhancing visibility in various indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Safety and security for residents and visitors, ensuring a protected environment.
  • Productive and comfortable workspaces, contributing to the overall well-being of the community.
  • Significantly reducing energy consumption through modern LED technology, leading to substantial energy savings.
  • Workplace efficiency and visual comfort, facilitating seamless operations across the city.

How much does it cost to upgrade to smart city lights?

Transformative pricing approach

At our core, we are dedicated to revolutionizing smart city lights. Imagine a comprehensive lighting solution provider and LaaS company that eliminates upfront costs, offering efficient lighting solutions for urban areas and public spaces.

As a leading player in commercial LED business lighting solutions, we take full responsibility for both the products and the entire process. This ensures a seamless transition to smart lighting and cultivates enduring partnerships across the United States.

Smart and efficient solutions

  • Our smart city street lighting solutions provide you with hassle-free LED retrofitting.
  • We take care of everything, from delivering the lights right to your doorstep to hiring and compensating a trusted local contractor for installation. And the best part? It's all on us!
  • But that's not all. We go the extra mile by covering the contractor's fees for 15 years. This means you can enjoy optimal lighting conditions and leave any necessary repairs to us. 
  • We're also fully committed to sharing the energy savings with you. You'll receive 25% of the savings, while we retain the remaining 75%. It's a win-win situation that puts money back in your pocket.

With our smart city lighting solutions, you can revolutionize your facility's lighting while keeping costs low and the efficiency high.

FAQs on smart lighting for a city

Who bears the expenses of smart city lighting?

The financial responsibilities can vary based on the terms of the agreement. But, no matter the contracts in place, our team will collaborate closely with you to determine the most suitable arrangements that align with your smart city lighting requirements.

What happens if there is a need to relocate or transfer the lighting?

Our lighting-as-a-service company stands out by offering unparalleled support from start to finish. Whether you require assistance with relocating smart streetlights or transferring contracts to new entities within the urban landscape, our dedicated team is here to guide you through the entire process.

Are we eligible for your smart city lighting solutions?

Qualifying for a smart city lighting program upgrade depends on how long your current lights are on for, whether you use outdated traditional lighting systems, and if your municipality could benefit from the energy savings.

To capture this information, our dedicated team will conduct an on-site energy audit and thoroughly review your historical energy bills to determine eligibility. Based on the assessment, we will create a customized installation plan using energy-efficient LED lights that meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency for smart city solutions.

Generally, urban areas are illuminated for more than 8 hours a day, spanning over 260 days a year. And, more often than not, current lighting systems are obsolete and consume far too much energy.

Looking to upgrade? Let's talk...

Are you prepared to upgrade to our state-of-the-art smart city lighting solutions? We're here and ready to welcome you onboard to partner with us and unlock energy-efficient illumination for your city, while enjoying significant cost savings. Let us be your guide to the world of smart city LED lighting today!