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Commercial LED Savings Calculator

When buildings have older industrial lighting systems, they face significant energy expenditure, costly ongoing maintenance, and a negative impact on the environment. 

You might be interested in upgrading to LED technology, but concerned about how much it will cost. 

Future Energy Solutions can help you understand your kWh savings and overall cost savings with a commercial LED savings calculator that will compare different types of bulbs that you may be using with LED.

FES also provides an alternative to paying for an LED retrofit or taking out a costly, inefficient LED lighting financing.

Commercial LED Savings Calculator

An LED energy savings calculator can help you understand how much money you can save over time if you switch to LED light bulbs. Whether you currently have incandescent, fluorescent, CFL, or a combination of bulbs, your LED savings will likely be significant when you opt for new LED bulbs.

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How the LED Energy Savings Calculator works

Our LED bulb savings calculator will help you understand exactly how much you can save over time. With this simple information, you have the ability to properly outfit your business with energy efficient lighting with no upfront cost by working with FES.

The lighting energy savings calculator measures the cost of your current bulbs compared to replacement LED bulbs. It will evaluate the watts, price, and life of your current system and compared it with the same factors if you were to retrofit your office space with LED. 

With this calculator you can estmate your mothly savings on:

  • LED vs incandescent
  • LED vs fluorescent
  • LED vs CFL
  • LED vs halogen
  • LED vs HPS
  • LED vs metal halide
  • LED vs HID
  • LED vs induction

Future Energy Solutions (FES) provides commercial LED savings for top private and publicly-owned brands across the country. Our clients have generated more than $700 million in energy savings by our installing over 650,000 energy efficient lights. This helps our clients collectively eliminate 300+ million pounds of Co2 emissions that would have been generated annually.

You might wonder if retrofitting your business with commercial LED lighting will be costly. When you work with FES, you will not have to spend any capital up front and your commercial LED savings will be recognized immediately.

 FES will accept a percentage of that lighting savings instead of upfront fees, and as part of our LED conversion management process we remove your old lighting, install LEDs, and maintain your system without any extra expense from you. 


Ready To Start Saving? See If You Qualify For A Zero Capital LED Lighting Upgrade.

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