LED Lighting for the Hospitality Industry

Hotel owners and facilities directors should always invest on improving the standards and amenities that attract guests and generate more bookings. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes all the earnings just to keep the lights on, let alone think about upgrading them.

The Cost to Light a Hotel

When it comes to lighting common areas like the lobby, walkways and parking lots, it’s not uncommon for hotels to have inefficient lighting technology installed that wastes power and money.

The average hotel common areas use:

  • 33 lights
  • 12 hours a day
  • 365 days a year
  • At an average cost of $0.12 per kWh

Hotels Need Energy-Efficient Lighting

FES' energy-efficient LED lighting saves hotel owners thousands of dollars in electricity costs while improving lighting levels and providing a greater sense of security for customers. Our Lighting-as-a-Service subscription eliminates upfront lighting and installation costs, giving you more capital to invest in your business.

Hotel owners and operators who choose FES enjoy an average of:

  • $1,269 yearly maintenance savings
  • $3,468 yearly energy cost savings
  • $4,737 total yearly savings
  • $71,059 total savings by partnering with FES

In the Words of Our Customers

"We are very happy. Our stores are brightly lit, which to me is a safety issue. Our customers feel safer at our sites. We’ve also saved a lot of money on electric bills!"

Sergio Delmico
CEO of MNV Energy LLC

Hospitality Industry

Cook's Corner partnered with FES to save 76% on their electricity expenses.

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