LED Lighting for Casual Dining

Keeping a restaurant profitable can be difficult. And although restaurant owners know that people are more likely to patron modern facilities, there’s little profit to invest back into the business.

The Cost of Lighting a Diner

Lighting actually accounts for a significant portion of the overall energy consumption of the average casual dining restaurant.

The average restaurant runs:

  • 24 lights
  • 12 hours a day
  • 357 days a year
  • At an average cost of $0.12 per kWh

Even a small decrease in energy usage can create a big impact on a casual restaurant’s bottom line.

LED Lighting Saves Restaurants Money

Many casual restaurants still have metal halide and fluorescent lighting, but these technologies waste energy, require higher maintenance, and lose brightness quickly. FES' lighting solutions reduce energy consumption by 60% and eliminate maintenance costs. These savings can free up capital so you can invest in other areas of your business, while providing better lighting levels.

Restaurant owners who upgrade to LED lighting see an average of:

  • $1,100 yearly maintenance savings
  • $4,505 yearly energy cost savings
  • $5,505 total yearly savings
  • $82,575 total savings by partnering with FES

In the Words of Our Customers

"We are very happy. Our stores are brightly lit, which to me is a safety issue. Our customers feel safer at our sites. We’ve also saved a lot of money on electric bills!"

Sergio Delmico
CEO of MNV Energy LLC

Casual Dining

Taco Bueno partnered with FES to save 77% on their electricity expenses.

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