LED Factory Lighting: Maximizing Efficiency and Cost Savings

Did you know that most factories rely on antiquated lighting systems that use up to three times the energy of factory LED lights and have a lifespan ten times shorter?

The average factory uses:

148 lights
For 11 hours a day
Asset 12@2x
315 days a year
Asset 13@2x
At an average cost of $0.13 per kWh

And the above figures aren't even factoring in your maintenance expenses, including those expensive equipment hires to access lighting fixtures in tall ceilings. Imagine if you could reduce these costs and retain a percentage of the money saved?

Proven Results by Switching to LED Factory Lights

From the moment FES introduced our Lighting-as-a-Service solution, we have forged powerful collaborations with commercial real estate owners and property managers. We've guided numerous partners in implementing top-of-the-line factory LED lighting systems, leading to substantial cost reductions that have significantly boosted their overall profitability.

Factories that upgrade their facility lighting with FES see an average of:

51,748 kWh yearly energy savings

$1,604 yearly maintenance savings

$6,507 yearly energy cost savings

$8,111 total yearly savings

$121,658 total savings by partnering with FES

The Ripple Effect of Upgrading to LED Industrial Factory Light Fixtures

Although the bottom-line benefits of LED manufacturing lighting are clear to see, there are others you need to know about:

  • Lower kilowatt consumption
  • Improved lighting efficiency
  • Safer working environment
  • Increased workplace productivity
  • Additional security


So, What is the Cost of Upgrading to Factory LED Lights?

Our LED Factory Lighting is Different

Not only do we have ownership over our products, but we also control the entire procedure. From setting up to upkeep, FES industrial LED lighting solutions ensures a smooth transition and a lasting partnership with our trusted associates.

We're devoted to making the switch to manufacturing LED lights easy and uncomplicated. As one of the leading lighting as a service companies, imagine if we gave you the opportunity to enhance your lighting system without any initial expenses.

Easy & Efficient Factory LED Lighting Upgrade

  • We ship the industrial factory lighting direct to you, and we hire and pay a local contractor to install them.
  • In addition, we’ll pay the contractor for 15 years to ensure your manufacturing lights are in top condition & to carry out repairs at no charge to you!
  • We share the benefits out of the total energy savings we can achieve for your new LED light factory
  • You receive 25%, and we receive 75% of the energy savings.

FAQs on our Factory LED Lights

What is the best lighting for a factory?

LEDs is the best lighting for a factory. Bright and uniform lighting is crucial for employees to perform their tasks efficiently and accurately, which is what LED manufacturing light provides. Not only is it energy-efficient, but it also provides superior illumination, reducing eye strain and potential workplace accidents.

Even though our high bay lighting solutions prove to be popular, we're confident we can service your needs, no matter what they are.

What if I move my factory to another location?

Just with our LED warehouse lighting solutions, we're here to support you every step of the way! You have the flexibility to bring your lights along when you move, or we can assist you in transferring the agreement to either the landlord or the new occupant.

How do I know if we qualify for a lighting upgrade?

Business that qualify for an industrial plant lighting upgrade often operate their lighting systems for a minimum of 8 hours a day, 260 days a year, and currently have lighting setups that aren't efficient. Our exceptional team will personally come to your premises and conduct a thorough assessment of your energy consumption.

By carefully analyzing your previous energy invoices, we'll create a detailed projection of the energy savings you can achieve by transitioning to advanced LED lighting for manufacturing. Moreover, we'll provide you with a tailored installation blueprint for your brand-new LED lighting system.

Businesses that qualify typically run their lighting 260+ days a year, 8+ hours/day and have inefficient traditional lighting

Let's Chat About Industrial LED Lighting Factory Upgrades for your Company

Don't hesitate to get in touch and find out how our expertise in LED light manufacturing can assist you in maximizing your savings. Get ready to embrace the future of lighting technology with LED and experience the incredible benefits it has to offer. We can't wait to see you thrive in LED.