Industrial LED warehouse lighting upgrades = big savings

Most Industrial Warehouses operate on outdated lighting systems that consume up to three times the amount of energy as LED lights, and burn out ten times faster.

The average warehouse uses:

148 lights
For 11 hours a day
Asset 12@2x
315 days a year
Asset 13@2x
At an average cost of $0.13 per kWh

On top of these numbers, consider the maintenance costs that often include specialized equipment rentals to reach high bay LED lights. What if you could cut those costs and keep a portion of the savings?

Impact of LED lighting solutions for warehouse owners

FES has been partnering with commercial real estate owners and property managers since we first began our Lighting-as-a-Service offering. We’ve helped hundreds of our partners install LED factory lighting which has resulted in massive savings that directly impacted their bottom line.

Warehouses that upgrade their lighting with FES see an average of:

51,748 kWh yearly energy savings

$1,604 yearly maintenance savings

$6,507 yearly energy cost savings

$8,111 total yearly savings

$121,658 total savings by partnering with FES

The ripple effect of upgrading to LED lighting for warehouses

The benefits to your bottom line are obvious, but that’s not all you can expect from switching to LED lighting.

  • Improve lighting efficiency
  • Provide additional security
  • Safer working environment for staff
  • Lower kilowatt consumption
  • Increase workplace productivity

The cost to upgrade to industrial warehouse LED lighting

Why FES is different to other warehouse lighting companies

Our mission is to make upgrading to LED lighting simple and straightforward. What if we told you that our Lighting-as-a-Service is a no-investment scenario offering a more efficient lighting system at zero upfront cost?

Not only do we own our products, but we own the entire process. From installation to maintenance, FES business lighting solutions offer a seamless transition and long-term relationship with our valued partners.

Easy energy efficient warehouse lighting system upgrade

  • We send the lights directly to your building, and we hire and pay a local contractor to install them.
  • On top of that - we’ll pay the contractor for 15 years to ensure the lights are in optimal condition and to take care of your warehouse lighting repar needs at no charge to you!
  • Out of the total energy savings that we can achieve for your facility, we share the benefits.
  • You receive 25% and we receive 75% of the energy savings.

FAQs on our commercial warehouse LED lighting system

Who is responsible for the lighting costs in an industrial warehouse?

This depends on the terms of the lease agreement. In some cases, the business owner is responsible for all interior lighting, and the landlord is responsible for all exterior lighting. FES will help you find the best arrangements prior to beginning your lighting contract.

What if I move my operations to another location?

Unlike some lighting as a service companies, we'll be right there with you! You have the option to take your lights with you when you relocate, or we can help you transfer the contract to the landlord or the new tenant.

How do I know if we qualify for a lighting upgrade?

Qualifying businesses typically run lighting for at least 8 hours per day, 260 days per year and currently have an inefficient lighting system. Our team will visit your property and perform an energy audit. After reviewing your past energy bills, we will create an energy savings forecast and a customized installation plan for your new LED lights.

Businesses that qualify typically run their lighting 260+ days a year, 8+ hours/day and have inefficient traditional lighting

Let's chat about industrial LED warehouse lighting upgrades for your company

Are you ready to learn how you can get approved to become one of our commercial real estate partners? Reach out to discover how we can help you get the most out an energy efficient warehouse lighting system and cash in on big savings. We can’t wait to see you in LED.