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 We're Here To Support Your Global Energy Needs. 

United States Headquarters

Prospect Park

5400 NW 35th Avenue,

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309


European Headquarters

10 Gloucester Place

Portman Square,

London, WILI 8EZ


No Matter Where You Are, We're Here To Support Your Global Energy Needs. 

Brands We've Helped

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63% less energy consumption

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Quality Inn

66% less energy consumption

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Best Western

59% less energy consumption


Lighting as a Service (LaaS) is a model where businesses pay a monthly fee for lighting infrastructure, including installation and maintenance. It eliminates upfront costs, provides energy-efficient lighting, and is beneficial for organizations with large-scale lighting needs.

The savings achieved through Lighting as a Service (LaaS) can vary depending on factors such as the existing lighting system, energy rates, and the efficiency of the new lighting technology. However, studies have shown that businesses can typically achieve energy savings of 50% or more by upgrading to energy-efficient lighting solutions through LaaS. These savings can result in substantial cost reductions in electricity bills, leading to improved financial efficiency over the long term.

You can expect a discussion about your specific lighting needs and requirements. The process of transitioning to LaaS, which may involve a site assessment to determine the optimal lighting design and system configuration for your space.