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Bozard Ford


Bozard Ford is a family owned Ford dealership about 35 miles south of Jacksonville, FL that has been in business since 1949. Unfortunately, the dealership was using metal halide fixtures resulting in low light levels and high energy bills. Thanks to FES' Lighting-as-a-Service model, the owners of Bozard Ford were able to upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting at a zero upfront cost and save over $20,000 on their annual energy costs.

  • Improved lighting levels in all inventory and display areas
  • Lower kilowatt consumption
  • Reduced energy and maintenance costs
  • Safer Working Environment



fixtures replaced


less energy consumption


annual savings


kWh annual savings

Environmental Impact

  • 620,498 lbs. CO2 reduction
  • 2,435 lbs. SO2 reduction
  • 1,195 lbs. NOX reduction
That's the equivalent of planting 77 acres of trees or removing 55 cars from the road

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