Educational Institution

Martinsburg Christian Academy

Inside of school basketball court

Martinsburg Christian Academy is a private Christian school located in Martinsburg, WV. Serving students in all grade levels, the school operates more than 700 lights daily. Like many schools, their lighting technology was outdated and lighting levels were low, causing exorbitant energy expenses and lackluster environments. FES partnered with the school to design, install and maintain a custom LED lighting solution that saved the school thousands of dollars and improved the learning atmosphere.

  • Improved lighting levels
  • Better learning environment
  • Lower kilowatt consumption
  • Reduction in energy and maintenance costs



fixtures replaced


less energy consumption


annual savings


kWh annual savings

Environmental Impact

  • 401,500 CO2 reduction
  • 1,600 SO2 reduction
  • 800 NOX reduction

That's the equivalent of planting 50 acres of trees or removing 35 cars from the road