Unlock BIG SAVINGS with LED convenience store lighting upgrades

Numerous convenience stores still rely on outdated lighting setups that not only drain excessive energy, but also experience a rapid burnout rate - up to ten times faster - when compared to the longevity and efficiency of modern LED lighting solutions.

The average convenience store uses:

148 lights
For 11 hours a day
Asset 12@2x
315 days a year
Asset 13@2x
At an average cost of $0.13 per kWh

But it's not just these figures you need to take into account. There's also the associated maintenance expenses and the need to rent specialized equipment.

Imagine being able to reduce these costs and retain a substantial portion of the savings!

Why use FES for LED lights for a convenience store?

Ever since introducing our Lighting-as-a-Service, we've forged collaborations with business owners across a wide range of industries, from gas station lighting and LED parking garage lighting to general retail lighting solutions. We've guided numerous partners through the seamless installation of cutting-edge LED lighting systems, leading to substantial savings that have significantly bolstered their financial outcomes.

On average, LED lights for a convenience store can generate:

51,748 kWh yearly energy savings

$1,604 yearly maintenance savings

$6,507 yearly energy cost savings

$8,111 total yearly savings

$121,658 total savings by partnering with FES

Even more benefits to upgrading convenience store LED lighting

The financial advantages are pretty clear, but the benefits of transitioning to convenience store LED lighting extend beyond that:

  • Improved security measures via visibility
  • Much better shopping experience for customers
  • Create a safer work environment for your team
  • Boost overall workplace productivity due to improved brightness
  • Enhanced lighting efficiency
  • Reduced kilowatt usage

And the cost impact? You're going to love this...

No up-front expenditure for LED convenience store lighting

Simplifying the transition to LED lighting is at the core of our mission. Imagine discovering that our Lighting-as-a-Service presents a no-investment opportunity, delivering an enhanced lighting system without any initial expenses.

We don't just possess our products; we oversee the entire journey. Covering installation to upkeep, FES business lighting solutions ensure a smooth shift and a lasting partnership with our associates.

Seamless upgrade to energy-efficient LED lights for a convenience store

  • We ship the lights directly to you, enlisting a local professional to handle the installation – their fees are on us!
  • Moreover, for 15 years, we cover the contractor's payments to maintain the lights in prime condition and address any repairs, all without any cost to you.
  • We distribute the benefits from the overall energy savings with you!
  • You'll receive 25%, while we receive 75% of the energy savings.


Who is responsible for convenience store lighting?

Which party is responsible for convenience store lighting depends entirely on the business agreement. We often see that the landlord is responsible for outdoor lighting (for instance, parking lot lights), with the business owner being responsible for any internal lights, fixtures and ballasts.

Either way, we can help you navigate through the responsibility process prior to committing to an upgrade.

What happens if I want to move my lighting to another convenience store?

No problem! As with all our industrial LED lighting solutions, you can take your lights with you when you relocate. We can also help you with transferring your contract to your new tenant and are excellent at retrofit upgrades, no matter if it's ceiling, wall or any other mount lighting

Do I qualify for a convenience store LED lighting upgrade?

Shops that are eligible for our program typically operate their lighting for a minimum of 8 hours per day, spanning 260 days each year, and currently utilize an inefficient lighting setup. Our team will arrange a site visit to assess your premises and conduct an energy audit.

By analyzing your historical energy bills, we'll generate an energy savings projection and devise a tailor-made blueprint for the installation of your new LED lighting.

Qualifying stores generally maintain lighting operations for over 260 days annually, with a daily duration of more than 8 hours, and currently employ outdated lighting technologies.

Have further questions? Let's talk

Ready to uncover the steps on how to become an approved partner within our network? Get in touch today to explore how we can assist you in maximizing the benefits of an energy-efficient lighting system for your convenience store and capitalize on significant savings. We're excited to guide you towards the LED experience.