Lock in BIG SAVINGS with LED gas station lighting

Many gas stations are still reliant on outdated lighting setups that not only guzzle up to three times the energy compared to LED gas station lights, but also experience a burnout rate that's ten times quicker.

The average gas station uses:

148 lights
For 11 hours a day
Asset 12@2x
315 days a year
Asset 13@2x
At an average cost of $0.13 per kWh

Beyond these stats, factor in the expenses associated with maintenance, often involving rentals of specialized equipment to access those LED gas station canopy lights.

Imagine the possibility of slashing these costs and retaining a share of the resulting savings!

So, how much can LED gas station lights save you?

As an LaaS company, we've collaborated closely with commercial real estate proprietors and property managers, implementing advanced LED lighting solutions—convenience store lighting, for example. These installations have translated into substantial savings, leaving a direct positive impact on their financial success.

Gas stations that enhance their lighting through FES experience an average of:

51,748 kWh yearly energy savings

$1,604 yearly maintenance savings

$6,507 yearly energy cost savings

$8,111 total yearly savings

$121,658 total savings by partnering with FES

Other benefits of LED gas station light upgrades

Beyond the financial benefits, the shift to LED gas station light upgrades also brings:

  • Elevated security levels for both staff and customers
  • Enhanced staff safety
  • Marked increase in workplace productivity
  • Noticeable lighting efficiency
  • Substantially reduce kilowatt consumption

So, how much do gas station LED lights cost?

No up-front costs!

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to simplify and streamline your transition to LED lighting. Imagine learning that all our LED commercial lighting options present a zero-investment opportunity, delivering a more efficient lighting system without any initial costs.

Our ownership extends beyond just products; it encompasses the entire process. From installation to maintenance, we guarantee a seamless shift and foster a lasting partnership with our business partners.

Here's how it works...

  • Your gas station lamps and lights are dispatched directly to your establishment
  • We arrange for a local contractor to install them – all expenses covered by us
  • But that's not all – we extend payment to the contractor for 15 years, ensuring your light fixtures remain at their prime and any repairs are handled, at absolutely no cost to you
  • From the cumulative energy savings achieved, we distribute them to you
  • You receive 25%, while we retain 75% of the energy savings

FAQs on gas station canopy led lights

Who is responsible for the LED canopy lights for a gas station?

This is entirely dependable on the contract you have with the site owner, so you'll need to check this. It's likely that you, the business owner, are responsible for any internal service station lights, while the landlord is responsible for any external lighting needs. No matter the situation, we're here to help you sort the necessary arrangements.

Can I relocate my gas station canopy lighting & any other lights?

You most certainly can relocate your gas station canopy lighting. We can assist you with any new contracts with a new landlord or any further assistance required to get your LED flood lights transferred.

How do I know if I qualify for an upgrade to gas station LED canopy lights?

Businesses eligible for our program generally operate their lighting for a minimum of 8 hours daily, spanning 260 days annually, and currently utilize an ineffective lighting setup. Our team will conduct an on-site visit to your property, carrying out a comprehensive energy audit. Following an assessment of your historical energy bills, we'll generate a projection of energy savings and design a personalized installation strategy for your new LED lights.

We follow this same tried-and-tested process for ALL our clients, from parking garage lighting to retail store lighting and anything inbetween.

Qualifying businesses typically uphold lighting operations for over 260 days a year, with a daily duration exceeding 8 hours, while concurrently operating with outdated traditional lighting systems.

Let's talk about your NEW gas station light fixtures

There's no time like the present to connect with us on how we can guide you towards optimizing your benefits with an energy-efficient gas station LED lighting system, enabling you to capitalize on significant savings. We're excited to welcome you into the realm of LED lighting.