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LED Lighting for K-12 Schools

Creating Healthier Campuses

K-12 schools in the US consume about $6 billion in energy each year. For a 50,000 square foot campus, this translates to roughly $100,000 per year. When multiplied out for larger campuses, the statistics are staggering.


Future Energy Solutions helps schools across the country to upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting without having to use precious school budget. This has proven to contibute to healthier, more productive learning environments, while reducing the schools' electricity costs by about 60%.

The Cost of Powering a School Campus

The average school runs:

  • led lighting fixtures 600 lighting fixtures
  • how long schools use lights For 13.5 hours a day
  • average days schools use lights 260 days a year
  • average energy cost for schools At an average cost of $0.12 per kWh
Learn why green school buildings are better for budgets here.
led lights in classroom

LED Lighting Solutions Schools Can Afford

School campuses have complex lighting systems. From classrooms, lecture halls, and offices to athletic fields, walkways and parking lots - each area of the campus has its own needs.

Lighting upgrades for schools typically cost tens of thousands of dollars. This often prevents boards from prioritizing green energy solutions. But it's time for education leaders to start prioritizing their long-term visions for healthier campuses.

FES partners with public, private and Catholic schools across the nation to provide no-capital lighting upgrades.

energy efficient lighting for high schools

LEDs for EDU

We've partnered with nearly 200 schools across the country to help them collectively:

  • how much energy led lights save schoolsreduce kWh consumption by 509,913  
  • reduction in CO2 emmissions from led reduce CO2 emmissions by 33M lbs. 
  • how much money schools save from led lights save over $1.1M each year

See how the Lowellville K-12 School saved $40,000 a year on their energy costs alone.

In the Words of Our Customers

"We've saved thousands of dollars on our lighting bills since FES changed the lighting at our school. There's a big difference. The new lights are brighter and illuminate the whole area. All the dark spots are gone, which is important for school safety."
Richard Jean, Principal at Archbiship Edward A. McCarthy High School

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From thousands of dollars in savings to brighter, safer campuses, we’re proud to generate results that transform learning environments.

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