LED Lighting for Educational Institutions

Education institutions have complex lighting needs ranging from classroom lighting, lecture halls and offices to athletic field, walkways and parking lots. Unfortunately, strict operating budgets typically prohibit lighting upgrades.

The Cost of Powering a School

The average school runs:

  • 567 lights
  • For 13.5 hours a day
  • 357 days a year
  • At an average cost of $0.15 per kWh

LED Lighting Solutions Schools Can Afford

FES partners with schools and universities across the nation to provide no-capital lighting upgrades. We design, install and maintain custom lighting solutions that meet the needs of school boards, educators and students without using precious school budget.

Schools that upgrade to LED lighting see an average of:

  • 509,913 kWh yearly energy savings
  • $14,066 yearly maintenance savings
  • $62,725 yearly energy cost savings
  • $76,801 yearly savings
  • $1.15M total savings by partnering with FES

In the Words of Our Customers

"We've saved thousands of dollars on our [energy] bills since FES changed the lighting at our school. There's a big difference. The new lights are brighter and illuminate the whole area. All the dark spots are gone, which is important for school safety."

Richard P. Jean
Principal at Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School

Educational Institution

Martinsburg Christian Academy partnered with FES to replace 721 light fixtures generating a 62% energy saving.

Read their story

Whether you run a catholic, public, private or charter school in the primary, secondary or higher education sectors, FES can save you money, enhance your learning environment and reduce your environmental impact.