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LED Canopy Light

Commercial / Architectural Grade / Port Lighting. Cree COB, high luminous efficiency and long working life. High efficiency LED Driver, the wide range input voltage AC100-277V Cast aluminium cooling design for better cooling, light quality, LED Tj < 85oC.

Product Specifics




50,000 hrs


UVD 120-277



Color temperature





Built to Last

Lighting Gallery

CL-1257 Canopy LED

CL-1257 Canopy LED

CL1257 measurements

CL1257 measurements

Retail Lighting

Retail Lighting

Gas Station Lighting

Gas Station Lighting

Canopy LED FAQs

Canopy lighting refers to the lighting fixtures installed on the undersides of canopies or overhead structures, such as gas station canopies, parking lot canopies, and building entrances. It is designed to provide illumination and visibility in these areas.

Energy efficiency: LED canopy lights consume less energy, resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact. Long lifespan: LEDs have a longer operational life compared to traditional lighting options, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Instantaneous lighting: LEDs provide instant illumination without any warm-up time. Directional lighting: LED canopy lights can be designed to focus light in specific directions, minimizing light wastage. Enhanced visibility: LEDs offer better color rendering, producing clearer and more natural light, which improves visibility and safety.

Yes, LED canopy lights are cost-effective in the long run. While they may have a higher initial purchase cost compared to traditional lighting options, they offer significant energy savings and longer lifespans, resulting in reduced electricity bills and lower maintenance costs over time.

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